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' All for Sale ' is the first group show at the VR space celebrating a new era in interacting with artworks. 

This maiden show features work that liberates itself from the limitations of the physical space, and challenges ideas of scale, gravity, textures and materiality.

The artworks includes digital sculptures, phygital interactive dolls, over scaled structures and Realtime projections all happening in a publicly accessible VRchat room. 

The artists invite the audience to interact with the pieces in various ways:


- Climbing is encouraged and highly recommended. 

- Throwing objects on the art also needed. 

In this new set up the artists and the "FALENA" criticizing the way art has been displayed and viewed in the traditional white box space.

In this new set up the audience are mainly avatars. As we all have alter egos, the idea of a personal avatar that explores digital art spaces is very challenging and fascinating. The visitors are invited to pick their avatars and interact with other avatars in real time. new modes of communication with strangers are emerged from this setup. 

'All for Sale' is rooted back to the idea of street markets where the value of the goods were established on the street, publicly and free. In a horizontal non hierarchical way of selling. 

'All for Sale' features work from 5 artists that living and working in Beijing, Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles.

The artists are:

Chen Pin Tao

Jenn Leung

Zhong Wei

Maxime Lefebvre

Philip Liu

For more information about the artists click here

For instructions on how to enter click here

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