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Instructions on how to get access to the space:

The space is in VRChat. It is available as a fully immersive 3D space, in Desktop mode and in VR, where you are invited to explore the virtual world.

VRChat instructions: 

*ONLY HTC vive or Desktop mode supported


To access the space, you’ll need to have VRChat installed on your Windows device (via Steam), Oculus or Viveport.


Unfortunately VRChat currently does not work on iOS.


However, there are going to be live streaming on the gallerie's channel on Twitch.



Setting up VRChat account:

If you don’t have a VRChat account, you can set it up here. After you’ve created your account, check your email for a verification message. If you don’t see it, check your junk folder. 


Installing VRChat on your device

Click here to install Steam on your Windows device. If you don't have account create one.

Click here to install VRChat on Steam. Click on Steam Client under download.  


Launching VRChat

To launch VRChat in VR or Desktop mode, click "Play" in Steam. 

For HTC Vive, launch VRChat from the Store.

*For Oculus users - Please use desktop mode alternatively


We are excited to see you soon!


To enter the world Click here

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